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Meet Hope.

Hope is a recipient of Healing Wheels assistance and local Roanoke resident who is currently in the fight against breast cancer. When arriving for her treatment one day, her nurse practitioner immediately knew something was wrong. Hope was distraught and explained that her car had broken down in Richmond-- 3 hours away from her treatment in Roanoke. She had already used all of her funds in efforts to have her car towed, but to no avail. With nowhere left to turn, Hope reached out to Healing Wheels. Within 30 minutes, she had the help she needed. Healing Wheels had Hope's car towed back to Roanoke, repaired, and back in Hope's hands- all without costing her a dime. 

"Thank you, Healing Wheels, for helping me
in my time of need. I feel so blessed."

- Hope W.

Meet Kim.

Kim is a Registered Nurse at Blue Ridge Cancer Care.

"I have had the opportunity to assist a patient in using this amazing service recently. Reliable, efficient, and extraordinarily easy. This is such a blessing to cancer patients who struggle with transportation issues that make their treatment even more challenging."

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